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Student Life at Kingsway Academy is filled with excitement, anticipation and activity. Opportunities are limitless for students desirous of wholeness, leadership, fairness, guidance and instruction.



 Prospective students who display an excellent model of conduct for faculty, staff, fellow students and school in general, are chosen from among the capable student body to become prefects, and student council representatives. These students play a vital role in the day to day running of the school, helping to maintain discipline on the campus and in seeing that school rules and policies are enforced.



During Chapel days held on Tuesday and Wednesday, spirits are high as students minister the Word of God through praise and worship, Scripture reading, testimony, and song.



Students who show care for others, respect the rights of classmates and extend courtesy at all times are referred to as ‘Unsung Heroes’. These persons are voted for by fellow students and honoured in an exclusive assembly celebrated by family members and friends.



Students embrace a variety of teaching methods that sometimes extend beyond the classroom. They experience educational field trips to the MET Office, Her Majesty’s Prison, Bahamas National Trust, and Coastal Awareness to name a few.



 Students are encouraged to display national pride, especially on those days when we celebrate our Bahamian culture by wearing our flag colours and enjoying an assortment of native dishes. On ‘Ole School Fun Day’ students mimic the dress code, and the fun and games of the 1960s and the 1970s. On Career Days, professionals representing the many different occupations, visit the campus to enlighten students about different career opportunities. The twelfth graders are also given the opportunity to take a peek into the area of their career choice, when they are placed on different job sites for a period of time, to be trained by professional personnel.



In addition to the array of academic courses, students are involved in a myriad of extra-curricular activities, where their talents and abilities are demonstrated during choir, drama, debate, the arts, sports and more.



Club Rush provides the opportunity for students to get involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities like Teens for Christ, GGYA (Governor General Youth Award), JA (Junior Achievement), Yearbook, Earth Watch, Choir, Dance, Drama, Debate, Chess, Scuba Diving and Tennis. Students may also participate in Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer and Track & Field.



Seizing the opportunity to garner information about tertiary education, students take advantage of the annual college tour to the Unites States of America. They visit state colleges, private colleges, technical and vocational schools, Bible seminaries and Christian colleges and universities.



Senior year is the highlight of high school as seniors participate in many “final year together” events such as, church services, community projects, retreats and the much anticipated off-island class trip.


Kingsway Academy is a member of BAISS (Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools), where we participate in the inter-school sports competitions.

At school students embrace opportunities and demonstrate talents during house competitions between the four houses (Caleb, David, Gideon and Joshua).



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