September 14, 2020

School Re-Opens

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The 60th Anniversary launches

on Bahamas at Sunrise

Kingsway Academy is celebrating its 60th anniversary this school year.  Representatives visited Bahamas at Sunrise to speak about the planned activities.

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In addition to the regular calendared events (Convocation, Fiesta, Fun/Run walk, etc.), the 60th Anniversary Committee will be placing a half page ad in the newspaper the last Thursday of each month beginning September. 


Each month we will highlight various aspects of the school.  We are inviting parents, and the business community to offer their congratulations to the school by selecting a month that they would like their name mentioned in the congratulations list.  


Some of the other events include:

Sept. 16th – Bahamas At Sunrise appearance


Oct. 22nd – Open House –
Campus is open to the public for campus tours, etc.


Oct. 31st – Back to Kingsway Day (all Green Day)


Nov. 21st – Thanksgiving/Official Anniversary Service


to the 60th Anniversary Logo Competition Winners


Jehroh McIntosh

(Grade 11)


Evan Brown

(Grade 10)

Kingsway Cafeteria -

New Year, New Name, New Plans!

As you’ve walked around campus, you may have noticed a few different things about the cafeteria and its staff since the opening of school.  Having participated in a half-day workshop during the last week of summer break, the cafeteria team is all set and roaring to make all of your cafeteria experiences pleasant ones.

Special speaker at the workshop was motivational speaker Mr. Shamron Munroe who encouraged staff in the areas of teamwork and communication. The team also heard from Donald Johnson, Cafeteria Manager; Mildred Adderley, Business Assistant; and Mr. Greg Williams, Committee of Management who all reiterated the importance of integrity, hard work, commitment, and customer service.  Team building exercises were done and a special session on sales and customer service was held. 

Cafeteria staff are looking forward to elevating their service this coming year.  As an initiative to promote professionalism, they are now uniformed in color-coordinated Kingsway t-shirts and black pants each day.  Additionally, the menu with pricing has been placed on the front wall and a menu board has been posted which will highlight weekly specials as well as provide information on nutritional benefits of certain foods. Soon to be erected is the new name “Saints Cafeteria!”

The menu has been revised and new items have been added.  Focus will be placed on offering a variety of healthy options.  Parents and students can look to enjoy an expanded menu of hot meals, salads, subs, and increased servings of fruits and vegetables.


A major initiative implemented is the “account system” which now allows parents to make lump sum payments towards their child’s lunch.  As meals are purchased, the account balance is reduced accordingly.  This initiative is focused mainly on the Elementary School at this stage but High School parents are also welcomed to participate.

Stay on the lookout for our new cafeteria sign and even more initiatives from Kingsway’s “Saints  Cafeteria!”


















Kingsway Academy Lunch Account System


As we begin this new school year and continue to look for ways to improve all that we do, the Cafeteria has now implemented an “account system” specifically for our Elementary students.


How it Works:

  • Student IDs in the system will be their name and grade eg. John Lewis 3RT.  The cafeteria staff knows every student so one person cannot obtain lunch from someone else’s account.

  • For Kindergartens, lunch orders are placed by the teachers and delivered to the classrooms so lunches will have the child’s names on them and the K teachers will distribute to their students .

  • Parents can make payments either online, directly to the Business Office, or to the cafeteria.

  • Whenever a child makes a purchase from the cafeteria, the cost is deducted from his account and a running balance is maintained. 



  • Reduces the amount of funds that children need to have on them every day.

  • Reduces loss/theft of student funds.

  • Can reduce bullying.

  • Assures parents that their child is eating a healthy/filling meal.

  • Allows parents the opportunity to keep a check on what their child is eating.

  • Provides a level of comfort to parents knowing that their child’s lunch cost would have been pre-paid.


all green day

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-28 at 8.34.06 AM.
Congratulations to our High School Debate Team who defeated Exuma District in the first round of the National Debate Competition!!!!!