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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association of Kingsway Academy consists of the combined efforts of parents, teachers and administrators. With full intention to facilitate volunteered parental participation in the day to day operation of the school, Kingsway's PTA has been dubbed one of the most vibrant, active, involved and effective PTA organizations, which brings about the awareness of current events relevant to the growth and safety of our students.

The PTA oversees the fundraising activities, such as the school's annual Walkathon held in the month of November, where parents, students, teachers and alumni come together in camaraderie and participate in a 5 mile walk. The Fiesta which is usually held in March is the highlight of the school and the general public. Parents, students, teachers, alumni, and community friends all converge on the grounds of the school to enjoy a family day of fun and fellowship.  On many occasions the PTA can be seen leading numerous beautification projects on the school's grounds, filling a need for equipment and or materials. 

During Teachers & Staff Appreciation Week in the month of February, the PTA spearheads a week of pampering and appreciation through tokens and gifts to Kingsway's worthy teachers and staff. 


Additionally, the PTA publishes two Newsletters called "It's Happening" and "The Saint.  "It's Happening" is a one page document that focuses on Health and General Interest Matters.  "The Saint" contains highlights, events, and information happening at the school.

There is no doubt that Kingsway's PTA is an intricate thread in the woven pattern of the Kingsway Academy family. 

If you are not already apart of the PTA, wait no longer. Join us!

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